Water Question #1

I was asked, “Just curious to know if you’re familiar with the seriousness of our water problem and what your idea for helping us correct that problem is.”   I believe we have two kinds of water concerns: 1. Quality… Continue Reading →

Gun Violence

REDUCING GUN VIOLENCE I believe that we can respect the Second Amendment rights of responsible gun owners and still reduce gun violence and keep our communities safe. Americans are 25 times more likely to be killed with a gun than… Continue Reading →

HB 1636

Today, House Bill 1636 went down in flames! This ends SB 193, the school voucher program, (at least for this year). Had HB 1636 passed, the experts I heard from say it had the potential to do more harm to… Continue Reading →

Municipal Elections 2018

Here’s almost everything you need to know about Tuesday’s Municipal elections! (You get to decide who you should vote for!) Election Details  March 13, 2018. Polls open from 7:00 AM-7:00 PM at 5 polling places: http://www.townofsalemnh.org/sites/salemnh/files/u496/voting_districts_2018.pdf Absentee Ballots Absentee Ballot Rules: http://www.townofsalemnh.org/sites/salemnh/files/file/file/absentee-voting-information.pdf… Continue Reading →

Medicaid Expansion

My Letter to the Editor, published in the Union Leader on December 21, 2017 http://www.unionleader.com/article/20171221/OPINION04/171229894/1004/opinion Keep Medicaid expansion in NH December 21. 2017 12:02AM To the Editor: The New Hampshire Health Protection Program, also known as Medicaid Expansion, is a… Continue Reading →

Golden Rule

  The Golden Rule is also called the Law of Reciprocity. It is taken from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount, as reported in Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31). The Golden Rule boils down to three simple thoughts: One should treat others as one… Continue Reading →

The Economy

‪America’s economy is doing well, right?!? Just listen to the news! “Unemployment levels are at all-time low!” “‘Stocks keep shattering record after record.” “We are in great shape!” But when I listen to people around me, I hear a different… Continue Reading →

Canada Speaks

A family member (2nd cousin) living in Nova Scotia posted about yesterday’s Sutherland Texas church shootings. I was a little surprised at the responses. Out of 20 comments, seven Canadians said that they will no longer come to the United… Continue Reading →

Me, too

  I was sexually assaulted.  It was nearly half my lifetime ago, when I was a different person. I’ve come a long way since then, but it hasn’t always been easy.  I was a mousy housewife, financially living… Continue Reading →

The Sound of Silence

With all of the recent news of the devastating floods in Texas, Florida and surrounding states, the media has ignored the fires in Montana. Severe drought conditions have made it so dry there, that record numbers of fires are taking… Continue Reading →

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