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Bonnie Wright for NH State House

Category Activism

Tommy’s Birthday Wish

I have known Tommy for about five years. I watched him grow from an awkward pre-teen to an articulate young man. I have seen his family struggle with health issues, accidents, injuries, and death of close family members. I’ve seen… Continue Reading →

Make a difference

Today was not the best of days. But there is this: “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try” -John F. Kennedy   We have to work — together — to protect our state and our country.

GMOs + Pesticides

Today was the 5th annual March Against Monsanto event in Concord. Thanks to organizers Fawn Gaudette and Carline Carpenter. Thanks, too, to the speakers: Beekeeper Amy Antonucci; NH State Rep Jim McConnell; NH State Rep. Mindi Messner; Dr. Marty Mitchner,… Continue Reading →

Senate Finance Budget Hearing

Senate Finance Budget Hearing Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 2, from 12:30-5, and from 6:00-??? 17 North Main Street, Concord in Representatives Hall (Under the Golden Dome) The folks at New Futures are looking for speakers to emphasize the importance of critical… Continue Reading →

On Taxes & Budgets

I regularly watch the news, from local happenings right on up. Like many, I see much to be concerned about. Below is a link to a NY times article that jumped out at me today. For my husband and I,… Continue Reading →

Attending Hearings

Here is some helpful information on what to do if you go to Concord to testify on a bill of importance to you. Many thanks to Sue Ford, Grassroots Coordinator for the NHDP.  https://www.facebook.com/sue.ford.332 Testifying in Concord Parking: For specific information… Continue Reading →

Senate Priorities

Senate Priorities for Tuesday: Concealed Carry & Union Busting     Tuesday will be a busy day for the NH Senate. Can you be in Concord for some — or all — of these hearings?   9:00: State House, Room 100. Hearing… Continue Reading →

RAD Canvass

Thanks to the folks at Rights & Democracy, who arranged a canvass to benefit our campaign. I was so appreciative of the folks from Neighbor to Neighbor, Springfield MA and Lynn MA who came for the day to talk

7th Generation

What is the 7th Generation principle and why do you need to know about it? MAY 15, 2013 • BY MOLLY LARKIN • COMMENTS 23 Whenever I mention the 7th Generation principle to most people, they think I’m talking about laundry detergent. I’m… Continue Reading →

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