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On Taxes & Budgets

I regularly watch the news, from local happenings right on up. Like many, I see much to be concerned about. Below is a link to a NY times article that jumped out at me today. For my husband and I,… Continue Reading →

Happy Bill of Rights Day!

Happy Bill of Rights Day! In 1787,  our forefathers envisioned a new legal system for the United States. They created our US Constitution, which provided basic rights for the “people,” — or, at least provided rights for land-owning white men — while, at the same time, increased… Continue Reading →

Canine Distemper

CANINE DISTEMPER. Are your pets up-to-date with their vaccines? Dead gray foxes displaying symptoms of Canine Distemper seen nearby, in Southern NH (Hudson) and in the Upper Connecticut River Valley. The NH Fish and Game Department and the NH Department… Continue Reading →

Salem Kids

Thumbs up to the kids at the Salem Boys & Girls Club, and whoever is working with these kids. (Parents, staff, school). I have had the honor of being allowed to volunteer for their Thanksgiving Dinner for the past three… Continue Reading →


Candidates weigh in on educational funding By Breanna Edelstein Published in the Eagle Tribune on October 25 See full article for responses from candidates in: State Rep District 4- Sandown State Rep District 14 – Atkinson, Plaistow State… Continue Reading →

Stand Up Salem!

L to R: Bonnie Wright, Amy Healy, Sean Lewis, Christine Steele, and Carla Billingham. Sean Lewis for New Hampshire, Carla Billingham for NH House of Representatives and Bonnie4Salem Wright had a Meet and Greet the Candidates event in August at Peach Tree Farm. The event was also… Continue Reading →

Got Drugs?

  GOT DRUGS? Turn them in! As part of a national prescription drug take back, the Salem Police Department is collecting unused pill or other meds on Saturday. And that’s a good thing. Left unused, drugs can be tempting for… Continue Reading →

Millville Lake

A Hasty Assessment of the Issues facing Millville Lake: Native and non-native invasive plants, invasive animals (Chinese Mystery Snail), and Water Quality Prepared by Bonnie Wright Candidate for NH House of Representatives   At noontime on Friday, Janet Breslin Smith mentioned some… Continue Reading →

Maternal Mortality Rates

Increasingly, US Moms are dying during childbirth or immediately following delivery. This shouldn’t be happening. But it is. Why? In 2011, only 18 states had a maternal mortality review board. By 2016, that number had doubled to at least 38… Continue Reading →

Signs of the time!

It was a dark, gloomy, wet day, but that didn’t mean it was a bad day! Rain might slow me down a little, but it sure didn’t stop me!  The highlight of the day was the last place I stopped while… Continue Reading →

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