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Bonnie Wright for NH State House

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COVID-19 Update April 21

COVID-19 Update April 21 New cases continue to outweigh the recovered cases, but new cases are slightly less than the past few days. It’s not time to celebrate yet; I expect that we will get another dump of data from… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update April 16

COVID-19 Update April 16 Another day with a lot of news, mostly from the Governor’s press conference. Please forgive any typos; my system is continuing to crash; GoDaddy has no idea why. This is getting old; I’m tired and frustrated! Key… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update April 14

COVID-19 Update April 14 I thought this would be done at 10:30, but after numerous crashes tonight, two phone calls to my web host, and a change in my web browser, it’s 3:00 a.m. I hope I’ve caught everything, but… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update April 13

COVID-19 Update April 13 Key points covered in today’s report: Today NH passed the 1,000 case mark. Today there were 35 new cases, with almost half of them in Rockingham County. Salem’s Emergency Operations Center team made a presentation at the… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update April 12

COVID-19 Update April 12: Easter Sunday It’s Easter, and  I’m thinking of the meaning of this day, and what it means for those who have lost loved ones before their time, especially during this pandemic. Too many lives are being… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update April-10

I love statistics. However, I was reminded that my reports with all of these numbers and stats tend to make us all think in terms of math. We must remember that these numbers are real people. They are someone’s mother… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update April-8

Before I share today’s information, I feel it is important to share what Mindi Messmer wrote yesterday. Mindi is a New Hampshire scientist first and foremost. She is also a former State Rep, a former candidate for Congressional District and is… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update April 7

COVID-19 in NH as of April 7, 2020 Source: June Garneau, of Mapping and Planning Solutions (MAPS) Today’s COVID-19 update:  The State has announced 32 new confirmed cases, for a total of 747. Yesterday we were told that 192 (26%) of… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update April 6

Source: June Garneau, of Mapping and Planning Solutions (MAPS) Today’s COVID-19 update:  The State has announced 46 new confirmed cases, for a total of 715; 192 or 26% of the cases, are health care workers. 103 (nearly 14% of the confirmed… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update April 5

Today’s COVID-19 update: The State has announced “only” 48 new confirmed cases, for a total of 669. 92 (nearly 14% of the confirmed cases) are hospitalized. There were no reported deaths in the last 24 hours, keeping the total of those… Continue Reading →

Washington sends opioid assistance for NH

Great news has come from Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Senator Maggie Hassan! We don’t see a lot of good coming out of Washington these days, as most of the news is buried behind the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic. However, Senator Shaheen and… Continue Reading →

Heat Wave July 2019

We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave.” A fun song, but the weather that is coming isn’t anything to sing about. Think it’s hot today? “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, B-B-B-Baby!” Ok, maybe there is a little to… Continue Reading →


The first time I was in a radio station for an interview, I was with Arnie Arnenson and my friend, Maureen Mann, who was a NH state rep at that time. Arnie introduced me as an activist. I corrected her:… Continue Reading →

Democratic Socialism

I wish someone could explain to me why it would be bad to pay an additional 1.52% in taxes if it means free healthcare, plus get all of these extra benefits that Norway has. My husband and I pay a… Continue Reading →


A viral challenge is inspiring bored teens — and tens of thousands of others — to clean the planet. Now #trashtag is the “In” thing to do! The challenge is simple: 1. Find a spot strewn with litter. Sadly, these… Continue Reading →

Downshifting & Local Control

Downshifting happens when legislators cut taxes in Concord, pushing costs back to towns. When legislators run on a platform to “reduce taxes” they are not talking about property taxes, they are talking about cutting state taxes. And when they reduce… Continue Reading →

Salem NH — Never Forget

The following email was sent to me, and a fairly small number of other people. I think it deserves to be seen, so I’m sharing it here. SALEM NEW HAMPSHIRE NEVER FORGET COMMITTEE Salem NH Never Forget Committeec/o Ernest W…. Continue Reading →

Poverty in Rockingham County

Rockingham County has the highest estimated annual median household income at approximately $85,600. In 2017, an individual less than 65 years old and earning less than $12,752 was in poverty, as was a family of three with one child earning… Continue Reading →

What’s happening to the bugs, fish, frogs and us?

Where are the bugs? Scientists are reporting that Insects around the world are in a crisis, as a number of long-term studies showing dramatic declines in their population. Insect-eating animals are also in decline. Scientist Stephanie Seneff says, “Very grim news… Continue Reading →

November 6 — Constitutional Amendments & Candidates

On Tuesday, November 6, Salem Residents will be asked to vote for a number of political candidates (see below), plus two Constitutional Amendment Questions. Here’s the non-partisan info you need to begin to be an informed voter:  Here are two… Continue Reading →

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