November 6 — Constitutional Amendments & Candidates

On Tuesday, November 6, Salem Residents will be asked to vote for a number of political candidates (see below), plus two Constitutional Amendment Questions. Here’s the non-partisan info you need to begin to be an informed voter:  Here are two… Continue Reading →

Trade Wars

I’ll admit, I don’t know a great deal about tariffs, but, as a State Rep, it won’t be anything I would be expected to know. What I do know is that as a State Rep, I will have to take… Continue Reading →

HB 1636

Today, House Bill 1636 went down in flames! This ends SB 193, the school voucher program, (at least for this year). Had HB 1636 passed, the experts I heard from say it had the potential to do more harm to… Continue Reading →

The Economy

‪America’s economy is doing well, right?!? Just listen to the news! “Unemployment levels are at all-time low!” “‘Stocks keep shattering record after record.” “We are in great shape!” But when I listen to people around me, I hear a different… Continue Reading →

Annual Spring Planning & Zoning Conference

Today was the 23rd Annual Spring Planning & Zoning Conference, put on by the NH Office of Energy & Planning. The Conference ran from 8:00 to 3:30; breakfast and lunch were included! The keynote speaker, Stephen Landry, from the Watershed Assistance… Continue Reading →

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