Running for office is not easy work. But surely the hardest part about running for a campaign is asking for contributions.

It distresses me to have to ask for financial help. It shouldn’t be necessary. But until we get campaign spending under control, political candidates must raise funds to ensure that all voters realize that they DO have options in the voting booth.

And let’s face it: Rockingham 8 is a challenging district. Every contribution will help. Even small amounts add up.

Your donation could help me win one of the nine seats in Salem (Rockingham 8). Funds contributed to my campaign will be used to purchase signs, campaign literature, pay for direct mailings, online ads, etc.

Please send checks to:

Bonnie Wright for NH State House
34 Liberty St
Salem NH 03079

Or, if you prefer to use your credit card, you may contribute online via Act Blue.

You may also make a donation via PayPal (



Campaign Funding Rules:

  • This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.
  • I am at least eighteen years old.
  • I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).
  • All donations greater than $25 will be reported to the NH Secretary of State.
  • Political contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.
  • The maximum aggregate contribution on a cumulative basis is $2,000 per election cycle per contributor ($1,000 USD for the primary + $1,000 USD for the general). Husband and wife can be considered as separate contributors.

State Law (RSA 664:6) requires the following information from all donors. If you are making a donation other than through ActBlue, please fill in this information.