So many issues. So little time!
Here are what I see as some of the major issues facing New Hampshire:

1. Opioid Crisis. Mental Health.
These issues affect families and friends, employers, co-workers, police and fire resources. If it can happen in my family, it can happen anywhere. From prevention to treatment, we need to find more solutions. We need to treat addiction as an illness, not a crime. I believe that there may be a connection between these issues and some of the others I’ve mentioned below. We need more hope for the future.

2. Environment.
Water. Climate Change. Agriculture. Food Security. 

There is a connection. We are making ourselves sick from the chemicals in our water, on our foods and in the air we breathe. We are experiencing unusual weather patterns, which affect our farms and food. Droughts and contaminated water are putting us at risk. NH has the highest pediatric cancer rate in the country “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” And we are not leaving them with a very good inheritance.

3. Voter Issues — Gerrymandering and Money In Politics.
I believe that these impact every aspect of our political lives. We need nonpartisan districting: The voters need to pick the legislators, and not allow the legislators to pick the voters. The legislators need to represent the people, and not the special interest groups. We need to make it easier for citizens to vote, not discourage them from turning up at the polls. We need to know that our votes are properly recorded and counted, without interference from outside influences.

4. Issues that impact living and working in New Hampshire
Education. Living Wage. Unions. Affordable Healthcare. Paid Family Leave. Affordable Housing. Infrastructure. Affordable Clean Energy.
They ARE related. Currently, NH has the second oldest median population in the country, and experts believe we will be Number One within five years. Older populations spend their money differently than younger people; NH businesses will suffer if we cannot maintain a balanced age amongst our residents. Our high school students go away to college, and don’t return. We need to make NH a desirable place to live, work, play, and to raise a family. We need to make NH more attractive to young adults, by making in-state college tuition more affordable and providing good schools for their children. We need to offer living wages, and decent benefits such as affordable healthcare and voluntary paid family leave programs. We need to find a way to make housing more affordable. We need to attract and keep both large and small businesses by providing an educated workforce, sound infrastructure, and affordable, clean energy. We need to protect the unions, because the benefits that they help arrange for the union members — wages, insurance, vacations and more — keep non-union businesses competititve, and that is good for all workers.


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