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State and County Elections:

The Primary Election is September 11.
The General Election is Tuesday, November 6.
Polling locations can be found on the Town of Salem website.


  • Registered Democrats can only vote in the Democratic Primary.
  • Registered Republicans can vote only in the Republican Election.
  • Undeclared voters must choose which ballot they wish to use, and are then affiliated with that party. They are able to change back to Undeclared at any time, including immediately after voting.
  • Same day voting is more challenging than it was, but is still allowed as of this writing.

General Election:
All candidates are on the same ballot. Voters can choose to vote straight party, but must check off each candidate. Many voters will switch between candidates, and pick the best person for the job.

US Senators serve 6-year terms:
Our Senators are Jeanne Shaheen (D) (term ends 2020), and Maggie Hassan (D) (term ends 2022).

All other candidates serve two terms.

Salem is in Congressional District 2. Our member of Congress is Annie Kuster (D). She is running unopposed in the Primary. Libertarian challengers, Tom Alciere and Justin O’Donnell, will have a primary. In the primaries, Republicans will choose between Brian Belanger, Gerard Beloin, Lynne Blankenbeker, Robert Burns, Stewart I. Levenson, Jay Mercer and Steven Negron. Representative Kuster will run in the General election against the one Republican primary winner and the one Libertarian primary winner.

Our Governor is Chris Sununu (R). He has no primary challenge. Democrats will choose between Steve Marchand and Molly Kelly in the primary. Libertarians will choose between Aaron Day and Jilletta Jarvis in the primary election. The primary winners will run against Governor Sununu in the General Election.

Salem is Executive Council District 3. Our current Executive Councilor is Russell Prescott (R). The Democratic candidate for Executive Council is Joe Pace.

Salem is Senate District 22. Our current Senator is Senator Chuck Morse (R-Salem) Dick O’Shaughnessy (D) is running against Senator Morse in the General Election.

Salem Candidates for NH House of Representatives 2018

Salem is House District Rockingham 8. The statewide filing period was June 6-15, 2018.

NH Representatives are elected for a 2-year term.

Democrats (9 Candidates, 10 Seats)
  • Bonnie L. Wright
  • Cam IannalfoDavid Hickernell
  • George D. Perry
  • Gregory F. Davis
  • Jacqueline Muollo
  • Janet Breslin
  • Kelly Moss
  • Scott Abercrombie
  • Sean McBride Lewis
  • Michael Phillips 
Republican (12 Candidate for 9 Seats)
  • Arthur Barnes
  • Betty Gay
  • Bob Elliott
  • Daryl A. Abbas
  • David L. Bruce
  • Ed DeClercq
  • Everett P. McBride, Jr.
  • Fred Doucette
  • John Janigian
  • John J. Manning, Jr.
  • John Sytek
  • Luke Mroz
  • Patrick J. Bick
  • Patrick McDougall


Salem Legislators elected to the NH House of Representatives 2016-2018

Here is the list of those whom we elected in 2016: 2016-2018 Reps from Salem

Gary Azarian, Arthur Barnes, Ronald Belanger, Fred Doucette, Robert Elliot, Betty Gay, John JanigianJohn Manning, and John Sytek. (All were incumbents, except John Janigian and Betty Gay.)

  • Ron Belanger passed away in July 2017.
  • Fred Doucette resigned November 2017 to accept an appointment from President Trump. (He is running again in 2018.)
  • Gary Azarian resigned in February 2018 after moving to Florida.

How well are the rest of them representing you???